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Decisions, decisions–now that we’re in the second half of 2020, it’s time to make a few lifestyle adjustments. With life in the #QuarantineLane becoming the new reality (yes, California is pretty much back in full #lockdown), I’m taking on a new activity, golf (only ride the cart with those you live with √, masks in the public area √)! Now I know what you’re thinking–as if #writing wasn’t enough stress, surely hitting a little ball hundreds of yards can’t be that tough, right? (Anyone, anyone?) We’ve lived on a golf course the past twenty years and despite a few lessons–I just never made the commitment. My late MIL played daily into her 90s and was an avid golfer, so, if she could do it, I’m going to give it another try. I have a feeling I better practice shouting ‘FORE’! #JustSayin

Speaking of new chapters, we’re selling our condo on the beach. It’s been great fun but lifestyles and priorities changed for a second home. I’m looking to head to the hills (mountains) for some cold weather and a change of scene. A cabin in the woods sounds pretty perfect to me to write stories and have a place to wear my boots more often, LOL. Knock wood–I’m hoping to start the search for a little slice of mountain nirvana soon… It’s Wednesday, time for DearDiary:

#AmInterviewing #AmLovin those #bookreviews!

Okay, I admit it, I am getting a bit carried away with the #book #GIFs, but hey–I’m still in the #BookMoon phase for my release of Double Trouble.  My book baby is ten days old and I’m so proud of it! Another fabulous 5 STAR review has been posted on Amazon–thank you Jena Henry!

  • I hope by now you have all ready discovered the My American Almost-Royal Cousin series. We are up to book 5, but don’t despair- this is the best book so far and entirely enjoyable as a stand-alone. If you’ve been enthralled with the series, as I have, then you know that Gemma is an amazing American gal who started a new adventure in Jolly Olde and is now the Marchioness of Lancaster, and mistress of Cherrywood Hall. She has a handsome husband, Sir Kyle and a dazzling actor Mama, Jillian, who stars in the popular new show, Castlewood Manor (loosely based on Downton Abbey).Book 5 features all the motifs that we we have come to love and expect. There are plenty of friends, Royal and society, who come and go, bringing laughter and fun. Some new faces appear- who are quite appealing, interior designer Rikkhe St. Claire, and the “uncanny nanny” Figgy McEwen, as well as a new darling doggie. Gourmet food, entertaining with events big and small, and fabulous clothes abound and enrapture us. The most fun is the massive rebuilding and redecorating at Cherrywood Hall-truly sumptuous and I swooned over every detail. I agree that the gang has achieved a new heights of castle-chic living. And the spirit of Aunt Pippa watches over it allSo, what’s with the Double Trouble? The discovery of a skeleton is just the start of the series of murders that must be solved. Intriguing history from the 1930’s comes in to play, which leads to a major joint-nation crime collaboration between the UK and US. Pippa and a Lady from the past are also on the mission to solve the crimes that even reach to the Royal family. Oh the toil and troubles! But the best “Double” is that Lady Gemma is expecting twins. Thank goodness she has spicy cornbread with jalapeño jelly to give her strength. (Doesn’t that sound yummy?) Jillian will henceforth be known as “Glammie” and we hope that everyone at Cherrywood Hall lives happily ever after.

    This book is all aglitter with great characters, a fun plot and so many delightful details. I hope you spot the clever reverence to current events- oh that was a good one! I highly recommend this book and the series! Well done Lady Veronica Cline Barton.

Check out my Q&As with Wordrefiner, extraordinaire Mark Schultz!

We’ve been on the internet waves this past week talking all things books! Lots of details on the story behind the story for those of you with enquiring minds! I’m a huge fan of these interview sessions with writers–it’s fun and a treat to do the Q&A with Mark. Highly recommended #WritingCommunity!

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An historical mystery on the shores of New Jersey this week from the #writers of Twitter…

Author Amy Reade, Cape Menace, 5 STARS

For Sarah, the sudden disappearance of her mamma jarred her world. The searches found no trace or clues, leaving her father and her with an emptiness that is hard to fill. As the years pass, Sarah and her Pappa go on with their lives, caring for their farm and treating the ills of the community with their remedies from their apothecary. The lingering questions of Mamma’s vanishing remain and rumors still swirl–were wolves or a seedy sea captain involved?

Romance is on the mind of one of Sarah’s friends, but is she ready, or willing to commit? A mysterious stranger visits her father during the late evening hours, Sarah wonders who he might be and what is going on between them–is her father hiding a dark secret? When tragedy strikes again, Sarah is determined to get to the truth–but will her inquiries trigger more foul play?

Author Reade takes on us a mysterious journey with a young woman coming into her own, transporting us back in time to her New World settlement. The descriptions and history tie-ins were cleverly revealed. This is the first of a new collection I very much look forward to reading! A #HistFic whodunit–highly recommended!

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This week Bibiana is on deck chatting about books and writer tips!

Welcome to my world. Enjoy your #week and #weekened everyone!

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P.S. The feature pic today of Queen Victoria, sitting regally in front of Kensington Palace has a special meaning for me–I’m now writing book six in the series and I have a feeling Gemma, Kyle and the kiddies (with Figgy of course!) may just be spending a bit of time there visiting their royal friends….#StayTuned! In the meantime there’s always time for a bit of #DoubleTrouble! You can order your copy here⇓ Gemma and Rikkhe approve 🙂


Veronica’s #WritersDiary, #Summertime, and the #Livin’ is….???

So here we are, second week of July–how we ‘doin? I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July weekend filled with loads of fun and food! We spent the weekend in #lockdown with the #pandemic raging here in California (Is anyone else confused by the response (or lack there of??)). But, we made plenty of yummies and spent time chillin’ at the pool (and watching a few Hallmark channel #ChristmasInJuly movies♥ #JustSayin).

hallmark christmas movies

The #summertime heat is on–I have loads of projects that should keep me busy for the remainder of this year even if we don’t get to do any traveling (sigh). I’m planning milestones and counting the days (trying to fast forward, if I’m honest) to #LaborDay, #Halloween, #Thanksgiving, #Christmas and then, dun-dun-dun #NYE2021—do you think we’ll make it ’til then? 🙂

#Pandemic #lockdown aside, it was such a fabulous weekend to launch Double Trouble: Showtime at Castlewood Manor! The books loaded on the seller platforms right on time without a hitch (thank you again, Bibiana Krall technical/book services!) and I can’t thank you enough for all your fabulous support, readers (and writers)–it’s truly, truly appreciated. I’ll be tweeting, posting, and yackety-yakking for the next few months in shameless self promotion mode–a #writer’s work is never done! It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

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#AmWriting #AmMarketing #AmLovin’ these book reviews!

I’ve mentioned I’m working on Hearth Fires, with Bibiana Krall (out this #fall) and have started writing book 6 in the series–might as well git ‘er dun! I did receive a few fabulous reviews the past few days for Double Trouble that I thought I’d share (a very special thank you to Mark Schultz and Sue-Ellen Welfonder):

  • I love this series! I feel right at home with all the characters, they seem like members of my family now. Veronica has such a deft touch with dialogue and action in her books. She keeps the pace moving so smoothly. Her description of the foods makes my mouth water at times. I desperately wanted some of that spicy cornbread. The dialogue is so witty at times, I get at least one chuckle or laugh on almost every page. The accounting of the characters’ apparel is sterling and helps me to see the characters in my mind. My favorite new character is a certain Scottish nanny, Figgy; she nearly charmed the socks off me.
    With nothing but praise for this book, I award an easy five stars to “Double Trouble: Showtime at Castlewood Manor”! Thank you so much for the hours of reading pleasure!
  • Cline Barton soars to new heights with Double Trouble: Showtime at Castlewood Manor, the newest edition to her fabulous My American Almost-Royal Cousin Series. Dedicated fans and Anglophiles will swoon with each turn of the page, while new readers will fall in love with Gemma and her friends in this fun and sparkling addition to the series.Others will summarize the plot, so I’ll just enthuse over the author’s ability to create a riveting and delicious read. As a huge fan, I love returning to Cherrywood Hall, an atmospheric country manor house where everything is oh-so-British, and even royal – a perfect world, until it isn’t anymore and the mysteries and dangers slip in, weaving a spell, drawing you ever deeper into the story. Double Trouble is pure gold, grabbing the reader from the start and not letting go until you’ve read the last line with a huge smile and perhaps even a few fist-pumps in the air – for the sheer joy of the beautiful and oh-so-perfect ending.As an aside, I want praise the author’s characterization. Her story people are wonderful. Praise includes Pippa, the castle ghost and a personal fave. It’s always such a joy to spend time with them all, revisiting the main cast and meeting new characters introduced along the way. Two new ones shine in this story: Gemma’s longtime friend Rikkhe. And – oh, how I love her! – Figgy McEwen, the Scottish ghost-whispering nanny. There’s a darling new dog character, too – Teddy, who wagged his way right into my heart. Now the villain… I’ll just say I was stunned. That, too, is the mark of an expert wordsmith. I’d have never guessed the villain’s identity. Well, done! And that’s the thing about this series: to read Cline Barton is more than just ‘turning the pages.’ You live the story and want more. The books don’t disappear at the end. They stay with you and hearing of a new ‘Gemma’ release is like Christmas. A celebration!

    Bottom line: Put the kettle on, get cozy, and enjoy a wonderful visit to Merry Olde! Highly recommended.

On the #AmMarketing front, this week I’ll be chatting with Mark Schultz on his website–it’s all things Double Trouble! Join us for a fabulous, fun discussion here:

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A tres magnifique whodunit featuring a pint sized spy this week from the writer’s of Twitter…

Author S.P. O’Farrell, Simone LaFray and the Chocolatiers’ Ball, 5 STARS

Twelve year old Simone LaFray is a dutiful daughter and doting sister living in the beautiful city of Paris, who just happens to have a secret–she’s a covert agent! Her father runs a famous patisserie filling Parisian and tourist tummies with loads of yummies while her mother travels the globe as an undercover spy. Following in her mother’s footsteps–Simone takes on her first field assignment to catch an elusive thief.

Reynard Baresi, aka the Red Fox, keeps Simone and her colleagues on their surveillance toes, always managing to evade their grasp. Will they ever be able to catch him? On the LaFray business front, someone is sabotaging the LaFray Patisserie confectioneries. With customer’s disenchanted, the LaFray’s only hope for regaining the public confidence is to win the the prized Chocolatiers’ Ball award. Simone steps up to help her father with their ‘choco-mental’ task–will their good faith efforts be for naught?

Author O’Farrell has written a tale of intrigue featuring delightful characters that will keep this reader coming back for more! Simone LaFray is one to watch–this is a charming whodunit–I can’t wait to see what she’s up to next!

Next up in the #amreading queue:

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It’s ZOOM ZOOM time with the three of us–join the #BOOKEM YouTube channel fun today at 1:45pm EDT!

It’s a #BOOKEM treat this week with Amy, Bibiana and me (yes, I am wearing another crown and pom poms 🙂 ). We’re Zooming this week and havin’ loads of fun, together! Join us for a fun time later today!

Welcome to my world. Have a fabulous rest of the #week and #weekend friends!

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P.S. If you’d like to pick up a copy of Double Trouble, Showtime at Castlewood Manor, check out these sellers (Gemma and Rikkhe approve 🙂 ):

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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, Oh Baby, It’s a Double Trouble Celebration!

Happy July 1st–a new month to start the second half of 2020! I’m super excited this week for I have Double Trouble reasons to celebrate on the upcoming 4th of July holiday–it’s not only Independence Day here in the U.S.A., but also the book launch day for Double Trouble: Showtime at Castlewood Manor! My book baby due date is days away and I’m so ready to pop a bit of bubbly. I know I’ve said it many times before, but I am extra, extra proud of this release, having been written, edited, and readied for launch during the #pandemic, thanks to many who have helped with the project. I’m so grateful to have had this book to work on, I truly don’t know how I would have gotten through all the #lockdown drama without it!

I’m tickled to announce that Gemma and Kyle will have three new additions to their family–you’ve had a peek of the new pup of the manor, Teddy. Stay tuned to find out the gender of Gemma and Kyle’s new additions (okay, but you’ll probably need to read the book 🙂 #JustSayin )!

DoubleTrouble_KDP_Size_New FINAL

Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered copies of Double Trouble–I’m very grateful for your support! I’m wishing you all a fabulous holiday weekend. I know things have flipped for the worst with the #pandemic, especially here in California. A trip we planned for next week has been cancelled (again) and it looks like another month of #lockdown for us.  It’s tough at times for sure these days, but remember Chin up, darling or the crown slips!‘  It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

Hearth Fires Bibiana Krall Veronica Cline Barton

Why just celebrate one holiday when you can do two? Cover reveal for Hearth Fires!

This fall author Bibiana Krall and I are releasing a spooky tale anthology, Hearth Fires, just in time to ramp up the chills and thrills vibes for planning those #Halloween parties, lol! Bibiana and I have written three Spooktacular tales each for your reading pleasure, and may just include a recipe or two for munchies and cocktails to get your ghost groove on! I wanted to give a shoutout once again to my step-daughter, Danielle Gregorio who designed the cover for our book. I absolutely love this one too! Stay tuned for the #release details–coming soon!

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An elderly nun, a street urchin lad and a convicted convict battle Martians in Victorian London this week from the writers of Twitter…

Author Colin Powell, The Last Days of Purgatory; the Martian Apocalypse of Victorian London, 5 STARS

The Martian invasion in Victorian London is coming to an end. The blood sucking, tentacled creatures in their death ray, machine pods are succumbing to Earth’s creatures, great and small. Their days are numbered, with rabid dog packs, bacterial infections, viral spreads and of course man have proven to be too much for the aliens, especially when they’re dealing with a rifle bearing, crack shot nun and her street urchin, convict colleagues!

Sister Ciara is part of a Sewer Sanctuary in the bowels of the city, working with her nunnery to nurse the sick and feed the survivors of the Martian carnage. Supplies are short and scavenger teams are always on the hunt to search for supplies. Sister Ciara learns of a hospital across the Thames that just might have a cache of medical supplies so desperately needed. With her team of street urchin, Sammy and convict, Harry, they set out on the dangerous trek. The danger to them is real, but little do the Martians know what is in store for them with this blessed pack!

Author Powell takes us on a thrilling journey as we follow the journey of Sister Ciara, Sammy and Harry and their desperate fight for survival. The Martians may be fewer in number, but their ferocious behavior still wreaks deadly havoc on all those in their path. This is an engaging, page turning read, with characters that warm your fighting spirit. I absolutely enjoyed this tale–fantastic plot, realistic descriptions that pulled you right into the story, and an adventure that keeps you gasping ’til the end. This is a topnotch read, highly recommended!

Next up in the #reading queue:

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It’s all things Christmas in July this week and I for one can’t wait! #HoHoHo

Welcome to my world. Enjoy the rest of your #week and #weekend friends!

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P.S. Wishing all who celebrate a fabulous 4th of July holiday! Just in case you’d like something to read, may I suggest⇓⇓⇓  🙂  Gemma and Rikkhe approve!

Veronica’s #WritersDiary, It’s 2020, #HalfTime!

I featured a version of this view at sunset⇓ in my second blog post of the year, ‘Let’s Get This Decade Started!’ It’s from the Raya terrace bar at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel–which is turning out to be Hubby’s and my fav spot to chill on a sunny afternoon these days. The views are impeccable, the food and drinks #yummo, but most of all it just feels so good to sit outside with the wind blowing in your face, hearing the sound of the ocean waves and listening to real humans talking again. So, here we are at the end days of June, halfway through this #pandemic year–I thought I’d try and remember some of the good things I was expecting waaayyy back in January, LOL–feel free to jump in with your comments and dreams!

  • First off I wanted to remember the excitement I think most of us had at the beginning of the year–it was a new decade, the “Roaring 20s’ part deux–go back and look at your Twitter timelines and I think you’ll find most folks were pretty excited. It wasn’t just any New Year’s Eve–we were transitioning into a new phase of the millennium, and all the hopes and promises that might bring. Let’s hope for the 2nd half of 2020, we can get some of that New Year’s exuberance back in play!
  • Traveling the world–we made a great start in January and February, enjoying our southern state #roadtrip and Victoria adventure. I had great expectations of visiting new places during our Scandinavian/Russian #Viking ocean cruise…obviously the last trip was postponed (rebooked for June, 2021). For now, I guess ‘We’ll always have Savannah…” (my apologies Casablanca) will have to do, LOL. Just maybe though, I’ll be surprised in a bit…
  • The great thing in 2020 that I have no complaints about is my #writing journey–in fact, I would say the #pandemic led to greater than expected productivity! I finished Double Trouble, Showtime at Castlewood Manor (coming #July4th!); am working on three short stories for an upcoming anthology with Bibiana Krall (Hearth Fires, coming this fall!); Book 6 in My American Almost Royal Cousin Series is in the works (coming end of 2020!); and I have a few more yet to be named efforts in the works. I think 2020 will be one of my most creative #writing years yet–who knew?

I’m holding out for great things to happen in the 2nd half of 2020 that will lift the human spirit. As they say, ‘It ain’t over till the fat lady sings…’ 2020, I’m listening….it’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

Double Trouble crown always wins

The #bookreviews are rolling in…

Thank goodness for the beta readers who took their precious time reading the ARC for Double Trouble! I’m very grateful and thought I’d share a few of the #Bookreviews that are up on Amazon and Goodreads as I prepare for the #July4th book launch:

  • There is always a lot of champagne, fantastic fashion and yummy food courtesy of Mama’s romantic partner Chef Karl. (Mama is a famous Hollywood film star and Gemma’s fantastic mother as well.) The list of memorable characters and scandalous conundrums will keep you smiling. Lavish parties, cocktail hour, a film set with cast and crew and fantasy life are the perfect tonic for the escapist mystery and women’s fiction reader.But there are also new characters (babies on board) and relationships on the horizon. Two new adult characters round out the memorable cast. One is a city sophisticate and the other a down-to-earth and quirky young woman who has psychic gifts from the great beyond.

    The best thing about this series is that you will feel as if you live in a British mansion and are a personal guest at the over the top parties and hob-knobbing with royalty. There are a few dead bodies though, so watch out for envy, revenge and good old-fashioned jealousy… I would be remiss not to mention there is also magic, love, family interference and loads of fun.

    I have read the entire series and just love feeling like part of the story as Gemma and Kyle move into another important phase of their fairy-tale relationship together.

  • I have read all of Veronica’s books. I jumped at the chance to read an advanced reader’s copy. This series has cemented my feelings about reading cozy mysteries in general, I love them. Without being too gory, there are lots of clues to try and figure out whodunnit!
    Veronica’s dialogue really shines for me. She makes me laugh so much and my eyes even sweat every once in awhile. The characters seem so alive to me and I was very glad to find there was another dog in the story. The first one is on safari in South Africa.
    The foods are my next favorite part, some of those sound so good. Gemma’s favorite in this book would be mine also. But for different reasons.
    The action is clear, scene setting is fun. It is wonderful to see many of the same characters again, they are starting to feel like old friends.
    I award 5 stars to “Double Trouble”! You can’t go wrong with this series or this book.

Doesn’t get much better than that! Thanks to all who have supported me through this process–I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me! xoxo

a young girl reading fragonard 1771

#AmReading #AmReviewing

Mystery on the Hudson this week from the #writers of Twitter…

Author Victoria Benchley, The Gallery of Ghosts: A Marsden Murder Club Gripping Psychological Mystery Suspense Thriller Book 2 (The Marsden Murder Club), 5 STARS

For members of the Marsden Murder Club, the reunion in the Hudson River Valley is bittersweet as they investigate the murder of the son of a prominent family friend of MMC founder, Bunny. The family is shaken by the violent death of son, Jack–will his mother Jewel, former fiancé Summer or brother James be able to provide needed clues to help find his killer? Charlotte Swain returns to lead the sift through the history and clues, but will the trauma of the last case and memories of her father return to haunt her?

The Manitou Inn is filled with history and was the dream venture of the murdered son, Jack. The MMC members stay at the inn as they investigate strange movements and footprints in the attic, a mysterious hidden tunnel, and a cagey inn employee that seems to be set on hindering their investigations. Detective Will Harrison gives a NYPD assist to their sleuthing, causing sparks to fly between him and Charlotte, will their fact finding take a romantic turn?

Corruption, vintage photographs, an academic breakthrough, and a family’s nightmare keeps you guessing as the MMC members weave their way through the clues. A surprise twist at the end will have this reader back for more! A great series, highly recommended!


Next up in the #reading queue:

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Join me later today on the YouTube #BOOKEM channel at 1:45pm (EDT)!

In my ‘Let’s give them somethin’ to talk about’ chat today it will be all things Double Trouble, #Lockdown bling, and I’ll be featuring author D.B. Carter’s book, The Wild Roses! See you soon 🙂 :

Welcome to my writing world. Enjoy the rest of your #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. There’s still time to pre-order your copy of Double Trouble, Showtime at Castlewood Manor! Gemma and Rikkhe most definitely approve! 🙂


Veronica’s #WritersDiary, Behind the Scenes with Primrose Film Creator Becky Guido!

Time for a bit of showbiz buzz! This week I’m so excited to share a chat with the talented  Writer/Producer/Creator, Becky Guido, as she shares her insights and experiences in getting her Primrose Film, period drama project developed. I know many of us in the #WritingCommunity would love to see our books and stories up on the big (or small) screen. Do you have what it takes? Let’s find out…

Becky, I’m so interested in learning about the conceptualization process you used for the Primrose storyline. What real life happenings, interests, passions drove you to begin this project? Was there a completed story you used? Or is this fresh, new concept?

I’ve loved the world of period drama since I was a young girl. Reading Little House in the Big Woods (Laura Ingalls Wilder), my friends & I were inspired to reenact scenes from the books.

As a teen I read Pride and Prejudice, discovered the world of Jane Austen & a lifelong devotion to period dramas began. In the 70’s historical preservation grew & I became involved. My town was home to both Victorian “Painted Ladies” & the home of Frank Lloyd Wright, Masterpiece Theater began & I was enthralled with each period production.

I studied in a Performing Arts Program, focusing on music & theater, with emphasis on directing & producing. Not wanting to be a starving artist, I got my degree in International Business & Marketing at University. Later, I attended Post Grad Film School for producing & directing. Combining my skill sets, I worked behind the scenes in production consulting. Eventually, I returned to physical film production & ultimately began my own production company.

I knew I wanted to film a period drama & I knew I wanted an original story. I began researching 4yrs ago, not sure where it would lead me. My father was a University Provost, who raised me to believe that I had a voice & to use it. I wanted to create a rich character driven story to honor the long line of strong women from which I descend. While working on other films a few things happened….

The 100 years anniversary of the women’s vote (1918/UK). The 2018 U.S. election, after which I watched the State of the Union address, with many of the Congresswomen wearing white suits in honor of women’s suffrage. Many had endured harshness that I knew a man would not have had to endure. We were almost 100 yrs. on (1920/US) yet were still fighting some of the same battles. I heard Caitriona Balfe speak to the fact that women have always been strong, they have just been limited by the physical constraints & norms of their day. Then the “Me Too” movement began & yet again my focus was pulled to the subject of women finding & use their voices. Now to take all this awareness, inspiration & research & coalesce it into a rich character driven period drama.

I immediately knew I did not want this to be an obvious militant story. I wanted a rich character driven story that would focus on the subtleties that tie what happened in the past to similar experiences we are still going through as women today. In effect asking the question, we’ve come a long way in 100 years, or have we?

Fascinating, Becky! So, how do you take the project from a concept to an actual story you’re ready to pitch? I’m sure it takes a village

It’s a lot to take a whole world & characters you have created in your head & successfully translate that vision into a format that your creative team, investors & ultimately cast will understand. It begins with one’s story & as with any writer of historical fiction, one has to fully immerse themselves in every detail of that world, fully develop the characters & confirm historical accuracy. Once this is done, a Treatment must be created. This is a summary of the story, it can be done in outline form, or as an overview summary narrative. It is also helpful to have a mini visual pitch. This includes photos or drawings depicting the settings in which your story will take place, as well of photos of actors who capture the essence of your lead characters, along with their character descriptions.

The Treatment is the initial tool one uses to interest others in your project. Once a director, producers & writing team are attached, you have what is called your initial package. This group will work together to transform your original story into a script, as well as take your vision (the world in which the story takes place, the look & tonality of the costumes, the rooms & outdoor spaces) & puts a collection of this pictorial & descriptive information together. It is put together into a format to share with investors & other professionals you want to bring on to your filmmaking team, such as cinematographers etc. So yes, it takes a village!

Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us how you started your project, Becky! I for one, learned many new things to keep in mind. I’ll be following up with you later this summer to get new updates on your Primrose Film project. In the meantime for all you #writers, here are a few recommended links to get those treatments started!

If you’d like to follow Becky (she’s a delight!), here are her social media handles:







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That’s a wrap! It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

Don’t you love it when things start coming together?

What a busy week and thanks again to the fabulous technical skills of Bibiana Krall and Danielle Gregorio! The manuscripts and covers are loaded and ready for pre-order, all set for the big launch on the 4th of July! In addition to the latest book, Double Trouble: Showtime at Castlewood Manor, I’m very pleased to have all my books now visible and listed as a #series on Amazon and Goodreads! This was one of the pitfalls of using different publishers for the books–everything was disjointed and not under one umbrella per se, making it difficult for readers to see that I did in fact have a 5 book series offering. With a tremendous amount of work (thank you again for the #book services, Bibiana!) things are starting to look up! Here’s a link for my updated author page if you’d like to take a peek:

On the promo front, I wanted to share the #booktrailer for Double Trouble: Showtime at Castlewood Manor, produced by the fabulous Aimee Bejarano (@Spokenamos)! I just love this and the music gets me dancing every time! Turn up the volume and kick up those heels! 🙂

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#AmReading #AmReviewing

Take a ride on the wild side this week from the #writers of Twitter…

Author Bibiana Krall, Volga Black, 5 STARS

For party girl, Tania, the night out at Paradise Beach in Warsaw will take an evil turn the American might soon regret. The dancing melee has started, fueled with copious amounts of slushy cocktails and shots. When a sinister black Volga emerges from the river, wreaking havoc on the beach as it powers its deadly way through the crowd, Tania is stunned, the lethal scene frozen in her mind. Her super DJ friend (and sometimes lover), Hans, reveals to her a bit of Polish folklore she won’t soon forget.

As morning dawns, Tania soon faces life realities—the rent is due and she needs money—her landlady Karla wants her payment, or else. Out for a morning walk to clear the cobwebs from the previous night, she sees the ominous black vehicle on the streets again, her curiosity aroused. Should she follow it, or has it already pegged her for the next ride? As her evening shift at the diner begins, Tania offers food to a strange man who seems down on his luck. Little does she know her kind gesture will change the course of her life.

Author Krall takes us through a wild, mystical tour on the dark side through the streets of Warsaw. The city descriptions are visually detailed so that you feel you’re touring the city—but with that sinister car, do you really want to be there? This is a thrill filled tale steeped in folklore with a modern, sinister twist that leaves you reeling, blurring the lines between legend and reality. Fasten your seatbelts—an escapist read from the ordinary, with an ending you won’t forget, highly recommended!

Next up in the #reading queue:


Bookem banner with pics

Don’t forget to tune in to the #BOOKEM channel on YouTube at 1:45pm EDT today!

Today’s discussion with Bibiana Krall is titled ‘Southern Fried Everything’! Thanks to everyone who has joined us in our little literary chats the past few weeks! You can join in on the fun here:

Welcome to my world. Enjoy the rest of your #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered their copies of Double Trouble–your support is fantastic and very much appreciated! Gemma and Rikkhe most definitely approve! 🙂



Veronica’s #WritersDiary, Great #Expectations…

Finally, I get to slide my #travel mojo in gear—we’re planning a few trips in the coming months and I can’t wait to hit the road again. We’re holding out ’til after the 4th of July (the day of my Double Trouble book launch–see more below↓↓). First up is a combined birthday/Father’s Day celebration with our family up in Monterey, in northern California, and return trip down the PCH through Big Sur. I’m thrilled to finally be able to travel again (assuming the COVID virus doesn’t re-launch…). We’re checking out hotels, gasoline stations, rest stops and restaurants for the itinerary to see what’s open and what new rules might be in place.  A new start, much welcomed, I’m beginning to question if I know how to drive anymore, LOL. In the meantime, enjoy a few pics from this beautiful part of the state:

This week I’m also super excited to start work on my next project, an anthology with writer,  creative, Bibiana Krall that will debut just in time for those Halloween decorations (that will probably be cluttering store aisles next month, LOL).  It’s going to be all things mysterious and macabre and I can’t wait. It’s always fun escaping from my cozy mystery comfort zone every now and then and I’m always up for decorating for a new holiday to get in the zone. Stay tuned for scary tale time…Hearth Fires coming soon! It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

double trouble cliff promo

Double Trouble, Showtime at Castlewood Manor is Available for Pre-order!

Here ye, here ye–we’ve given birth to a new book in My American Almost-Royal Cousin Series (in a pandemic no less!). I’m so delighted to announce that book 5, Double Trouble: Showtime for Castlewood Manor, is available for pre-order. It will launch on #July4th and I can’t wait! I want to give a special shout to the beta readers who have taken their precious reading time and given excellent feedback, Theresa Snyder editing, Mark Schultz word refining proofing,  Danielle Gregorio for the awesome book cover design (this one is my fav I think), and Ellie Douglas, Morgan Wright and Aimee Bejarano for the fabulous promo graphics to kick things off!

Teddy in crown book mock up

And of course I cannot forget to thank our new, almost-royal canine of the manor, Teddy⇑ 🙂

This go round, I am working with the multi-talented Bibiana Krall who is providing her book launch services for this project. She’s been a delight to work with (and very patient 🙂 ). I felt her services would be a better fit for me going forward, under my new Boots & Crowns Publishing LLC! I highly recommend her if you’re thinking of publishing directly with KDP or the platforms on Draft2Digital. You can contact her to discuss your project here:

If you’re up for a fun cozy, you can pre-order a little Double Trouble here⇓

a young girl reading fragonard 1771

#AmReading #AmReviewing

Life and laughs from the magic #wardrobe this week from the writers of Twitter…

Author Sheila Patel, The Magic Vodka Wardrobe, Book 5, 5 STARS

Our favorite ladies and barkeep are back and this time it’s all about the UK elections, #MEGXIT, and oh, that little virus that shut the world down! Get the inside views and giggles as Aunt Sheila, Mrs. Singh, Shaz, Trace and Bachittar give you a peek into their zany world this reader has come to love.

The cocktails are flowing, the humans keep muddling through (at least at the time of this review, LOL), and most importantly, the dance floor is rockin’ and sanitized! There’s never a dull moment in this neighborhood filled with lively characters, a wedding horse, and even a cute little goat that will steal your heart. The wit and sometimes wisdom keeps flowing as the months roll by, you won’t look at the news in the same way again!

Author Patel never fails to entertain with her humorous take on what’s going on in these somewhat crazy times. I love visiting the #wardrobe–this is a fun-filled series, perfect for an evening or weekend read, or just when you need a laugh. Highly entertaining and a highly recommended read!

Next up in the #reading queue:


Stop on by our #BOOKEM channel later today and meet Author Amy Reade!

I’m looking forward to watching Amy’s discussion today on our #BOOKEM channel. This project has been so much fun getting to catch up with new and old friends! If you haven’t had a chance to tune in–Bibiana Krall and my videos are still up for viewing. Amy’s debut will be at 1:45 pm (EDT). Stay tuned for more fun and great reads!

A dinner date in a real sit down restaurant!

I just had to talk about our first real dinner date since #quarantine! Yes, the tables were spaced out and the servers were attired with masks and gloves, but what a joy! I don’t know what I enjoyed more–the food, outside gardens, cocktails (ok, these I did enjoy, #JustSayin), or the sound of lovely, loud conversation all around….it’s the little things that make life so good! 🙂

Welcome to my world. Enjoy the rest of your #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Stay tuned next week for my interview with Film Creator, Becky Guido on her Primrose Film period drama project. We’ll be discussing the creative stages you need to achieve to get this type effort rolling–lots of great info and insights #WriterCommunity (I know a few of you would like to see your books hit the big (or small) screen), and Becky is a delight! Gemma and Rikkhe approve 🙂

Primrose poster CheckPattern square

Veronica’s #WritersDiary, A Week in #Reflection…

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…” I thought I’d start with an excerpt from the opening of Charles Dickens’,  A Tale of Two Cities this week. To me, it described the flood of emotions I felt as the events of the past week unfolded. Many times I sat speechless in front of the television, watching in horror and dismay the cause and the after-effects that triggered an unleashing of rage across the country. The pain and disgust from all perspectives is real and cannot be denied.

Some of my worst of times social fears and pandemic predictions are now happening, and I think more than a few wounds will never heal, at least not in my lifetime. The virus rages on, and so much for masks, #lockdown and social distancing. In some areas here in SoCal, the COVID testing has been ceased. But that just may be the least of our worries—the silence from the government leadership has been deafening. No matter what your faith or political beliefs, it may be a good time to light a candle, and pray/wish/meditate/vote for the healing to begin…

red rose candle sea

I think I speak for many of us now that we’re in the month of June–for 2020, we’re more than ready for the best of times to kick in (can I get an #Amen?)….It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

The #editing is completed! And now to publishing and marketing!

One golden nugget, at least for me this week, is the completion of the final edits on the Double Trouble, Showtime at Castlewood Manor manuscript! I’m working on the back cover ‘blurbs’ and taglines this week to get the publishing efforts started soon. Stay tuned for upcoming reveals!

reading is my superpower

#AmReading #AmReviewing

An epic fantasy battle is brewing this week from the #writers of Twitter…

Author Emmy Bennett, Wynter Reign, (Storm Bloodline Saga, Book Three), 5 STARS

Wynter Storm’s training and transformation has begun to prepare her for her future role as queen and lead the fight against the evil Sarmira. She struggles to accept her new position and let go of her familiar past, but understands that many are depending on her to lead the fight. To move forward, she must learn and remember the secrets of her family’s past, achieve her trials, and accept her destiny–guided by the elders that will aide her transition.

Her family and allies take on a mission to save those in the past who can help defeat Sarmira in the imminent battle. The diverse species combine their powers and skills to reach the ones who are crucial participants, rescuing Redmae, who must be by Wynter’s side. We hear from many of them first hand in this story, giving us insights into their personalities, strengths and weaknesses. They face untold dangers as they make their moves, with their alliance tested at times as they face the unknowns and build their fragile trust of one another.

Author Bennett’s third book in the Storm Bloodline Saga weaves a fantastical tale of the world of Ladorielle and the species determined to unite and fight the clutches of the evil Sarmira. Time is growing short for the new alliances as the Super Blue Blood Moon approaches, signaling the start of the ultimate conflict. Will Wynter finally understand and accept her destiny, and more importantly, forgive the grandmother that inflicted so much pain? Will her allies return with the souls from the past that must be by her side in the epic battle that approaches? I can’t wait for the next book–this is an thrill filled, enchanting series, laced with inspirational growth and transformation– highly recommended!

Next up in the #reading queue:

VCB Bookem thumbnail

Extra, extra! Tune into the YouTube #BOOKEM channel at 1:45 pm EDT today!

Guess who’s up on deck for the 2nd installment of the #BOOKEM channel discussions later today? It’s moi, bedecked in a glittery tiara and chatting about all things books. This past week I did more than, ahem, a few takes to get my chat together (gasp). I’m definitely not a video professional, but at least I tried and kept a smile on my face. This week I’ll be chatting about my series and specifically the Mistletoe and Mayhem, Yuletide at Castlewood Manor book; a few words on life in the #quarantine zone; and finally talk about a great cozy mystery book I’ve read of Amy Reade’s—Be My Valencrime! You can still check out Bibiana Krall’s chat from our debut last week if you missed it. Up next after me, is fellow #BOOKEM author, Amy Reade! I hope you take a few moments to check our chats out, and hopefully get a little bit to smile about to brighten your day. You can find us here:

Welcome to my world. Enjoy the rest of your #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. A HUGE thank you to all of you who follow and read my weekly posts! I just passed the 153 post mark as it turns out, wowza! Thank you so much for your support—Gemma and Rikkhe most definitely approve 🙂

thankful for sweet friends like you

Veronica’s #WritersDiary, Lights, Camera, #YouTube; Just #BOOKEM!

So excited this week to have the first debut ‘dish’ on the YouTube #BOOKEM channel this afternoon (1:45 EDT) with fellow #authors Bibiana Krall and Amy Reade! Each week one of us will be chatting about our books, life in the #quarantine zone (will it ever end?), and feature a book we’ve read and feel might be inspiring for you to check out. You can find us on Twitter @BOOKEMchannel and the video on YouTube can be found here:

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Bibiana for quite some time now and met Amy last year in person at the the Bouchercon 2019 mystery conference in Dallas last October (wearing my Bat Hat 🙂 ). We decided during the #lockdown to try something different to reach out to readers and those we follow in the #WritingCommunity. We thought a weekly YouTube chat would give us a forum to to talk about what’s going on in each of our writing worlds; introduce you to us personally so that you get a little insight as to what we do in the non-writing world (which may include discussions on #cocktails and/or #crowns from at least one of us 🙂 ); and finally we will be highlighting a book we’ve read that we enjoyed and why, giving you, the reader, a chance to hear about a new book that just might tickle your fancy.

You can learn more about Amy, Bibiana and me on our #Twitter timelines and #Amazon author links below:

Bibiana Krall amazon pic   @BibianaKrall

Amy reade amazon pic   @readeandwrite

VCB amazon pic     @VClinebarton

I hope you have a chance to stop on in later this afternoon and watch our debut video! We’re keeping things short and sweet and fun–please take a moment to subscribe and comment if you can. Thanks very much, and until next time, just #BOOKEM! Its Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

Double Trouble crown always wins

#AmEditing and preparing for #Launch

The final edits from Mark Schultz’s #WordRefining have been handed over! As usual, he caught things I never would have suspected after all these rounds. I can’t stress enough the importance of great #editing and #proofing–it makes a huge difference. I’ll be done with the edits this week, and then it’s on to the publishing process. I’m trying something different this go round, dun-dun-dun….stay tuned!

go away reading

#AmReading #AmReviewing

Sagas from WWII and present day intersect this week from the writers of Twitter…

Author Angela Petch, The Tuscan Girl, 5 STARS

Alba is reeling from a catastrophic break-up with her boyfriend in London. They’ve been together for years, but in an unexpected twist, James breaks up with her. A tragic accident sends Alba into a deep depression. Her family and friends are deeply concerned, will she recover from the fatal relationship?

Alba returns to her parents home in Tuscany to recover mentally and figure out her new life directions. A chance holiday dinner encounter brings her in touch with Massimo, an older man from the village with a bittersweet WWII past. As Alba regains her mental footings, she reaches out to the man with the war torn past, listening to his sometimes tragic and heartwarming lessons of experiences and relationships gone-by. Will the gift of life’s insights help heal her wounded heart?

Author Petch gives us an insightful read on dealing with heartbreak, tragedy and new directions in the present, guided by the sagas, dreams and lessons learned from the past. A delightful life journey filled with visual descriptions that transport you to the scene. A moving historical fiction tale, highly recommended!

Next up in the #reading queue:


Dallas eyeball bouchercon

I’m watching….

As we emerge from these #quarantined times, I’m very interested in the industry paradigm shifts that will be affecting us all. Loads of changes coming about–as a writer I’m very interested to see how these play out as our society adapts to the new norms. How will we portray the former ‘normals’ in our stories, and how will we adjust the new norms in our tales? In the months ahead, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the following:

  • Commercial real estate occupancy: Will big cities become ‘ghost towns’ as employees work from home, leaving the skyscrapers vacant?
  • City dwellings–apartments/condos/houses: Exodus to smaller towns, rural communities–the need for space and green?
  • Sales practices: No more 3 martini lunches? Demos to dozens of people in a room? I don’t think so…
  • Conventions: Think about it–what will happen to the empty centers? How will companies handle new mass marketing events?
  • Hotels/Restaurants: No buffets, happy hours, large events? Cleaning practices/tools/services are going to soar…
  • Shopping Practices: Online is now a must have? What’s the future for small retailers? Shopping malls a thing of the past?
  • Airline travel: Hours added to check in procedures, social distancing on a plane–how?
  • Fashion: Designer masks, face shields, gloves? I see new trends coming! (Some of us remember the ‘mod’ trend of the 60s with hats that fit down to your chin with acrylic cutouts for your eyes–think ‘space-age’ collections)

Question #writers, what will you be changing in your post 2020 #quarantine storylines?

Welcome to my world. Have a fabulous #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. For those with an inquiring mind….Just in time for the start of summer–how to host the perfect, glamorous BBQ courtesy of Tatler (and of course all the accessories and gourmet eats and drinks one must have…). Let’s get grillin’ and glammin’! Gemma and Rikkhe approve 🙂

back patio


Veronica’s #WritersDiary, A Brief #Escape…

This past weekend hubby and I decided to escape the confines of our #lockdown life and take a much needed drive along the beach. We popped the top on the convertible and headed over to Laguna Niguel to one of our favorite spots–the Ritz Carlton. We’ve spent many an evening there celebrating special occasions, and I love sitting outside at the cliffside bar to take in the ocean views and spectacular sunsets. This was my first venture out of the house for pure recreational purposes since the #lockdown began in March. I felt a little giddy as we donned our face masks and hats and started our seaside excursion.

To our delighted surprise, the hotel was open and actually quite busy. The main restaurant (still dreaming of my charred grilled octopus dish from my birthday meal in January) and bars were closed. They did have a deli area where you could buy food and drinks and take them out to the patio area. We decided on two light beers and sunshine. It was strange being on the patio looking down at the surfers and sunbathers. People were practicing social distancing which was good, but not many people were wearing masks…. The terrace overlook wasn’t very crowded, and I missed the cacophony of the conversations and laughter we usually heard from times gone by. I noticed how clean the sand looked from our last visit in January. The water looked gorgeous too, almost like a Caribbean green/blue. We clinked our bottles and enjoyed the views, feeling the wind against our cheeks. It felt good to be out in the world again.

V at Ritz Laguna

I had a few laughs with my face masked picture above. I suppose my #lockdown hair is getting a bit unruly and the grays are definitely starting to show, but hey, against that gorgeous beach background who’s looking at the hair, LOL!? Anyway, it was a glorious day to be back with the living, and we’ll be back very soon I think. It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

backdrop banner with books

#AmWriting #AmEditing

Book 5, Double Trouble, is getting ready for its publishing close-up and I’m super excited! Final edits are being made and I can’t wait to ‘give birth’! Just as the prep for Mistletoe in 2019 meant that it was basically Christmas here at the Barton abode for most of the year, for the 2020 Double Trouble #lockdown, I’ve been experiencing the, ahem, joys of being with child as Gemma and Kyle deal with impending parenthood in this latest tale, LOL. The good news for me is that I got to ‘eat’ virtually through my character and miraculously avoided too much of a #quarantine 10. I have to tell you though, I am still craving spicy cornbread and candied kumquats–stay tuned!

a young girl reading fragonard 1771

#AmReading #AmReviewing

A space based threat that sucks the life from you this week from the writers of Twitter…

Author Ellie Douglas, Leech, 5 STARS

John Lancaster is on his 70th voyage to the super Earth-like planet, Sol. He and his team have been on a multi-year series of missions to collect samples from the planet in preparation for human occupancy. He misses his wife and daughter immensely, but knows in the long run his work and prolonged absences will be worth it to his family. When he and his team investigate a meteor shower that deposits little black rocks on Sol’s surface, he takes one of them as a souvenir for his daughter, Lucy. Back on the ship, heading back to Earth for a brief stop, a kidding episode with teammate Nico leaves the rock in pieces, with a black goo oozing from the rocky center. As they clean up for the landing on Earth, the alien goo is forgotten as Nico sets out for a fast food gorge and John lovingly mails the rock specimens to his daughter as her Sol souvenir.

A quick earthly turnaround has the crew once again on the voyage back to Sol for the next expedition. An unplanned encounter with an asteroid storm stops the ship in its tracks, but that is the least of the crew’s worries. One by one the members of the crew are stricken down by a gooey extraterrestrial parasite that thrives on its victims flesh and blood. Will the survivors be able to find the scourge and destroy it? Or will they all succumb to its deadly hunger?

A terror filled hunt for the hunted makes for a page turning tale; Author Douglas once again delivers deadly chills and thrills and an ending that will leave you wondering! A suspense filled read, highly recommended!


Next up in the #reading queue:

bookem with authors

3 Authors dish about books, life and your next must read—meet authors Bibiana Krall, Veronica Cline Barton and Amy Reade!

#BOOKEM is a collaboration of three authors ( think brainy Charlie’s Angels with a mysterious twist.) We want to help spread love during this difficult time, make you laugh and get you reading!  Stay tuned and give us a follow @BOOKEMchannel!

Welcome to my world. Enjoy your #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. If you’re in the southern California area, a visit to the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel is highly recommended! Lovely property with spectacular views–Gemma and Rikkhe approve 🙂

ritz carlton hotel photo

Photo courtesy of the Ritz Carlton Laguna website

Veronica’s #WritersDiary, #ShoutOut to the Class of 2020, #Permission Granted!

This post is dedicated to the graduating class of 2020!

Dear Seniors,

You are graduating in unprecedented times as I’m sure all of you know by now. Senior year is supposed to be a time of hopes and dreams–tearing away the tethers of a childhood academic world and venturing out into the ‘real adult world’ with a job or higher education and all the trappings that these right of passage experiences hold. None of us could have imagined a global pandemic shutting down life as we had known it–but it’s happened and here we are. I just want you to know that we will get through this event just as other generations before us have many, many times. The hopes of the world are with you.

We will be transformed, new ways of life will emerge, and for you, the new graduates, will come unending new possibilities for careers and livelihoods. Career fields in technology, industrial complexes, healthcare, service providers, entertainment, communications, education, law, government, the arts–you name it, every line of business will need innovative, creative lines of thought as to how they operate in this #pandemic world (post and still to come), and this will be your challenge, and your legacy. Know that you are not alone–you will be supported as we emerge into this brave new world. Chin up—head held high–you got this! Congratulations, graduates of the Class of 2020, God speed. Permission Granted To Change The World! 

The picture above is of our lovely niece, Shauna, daughter of my sissy, Gayle and BIL, Keith, who is graduating from high school in the Class of 2020. Her senior year/graduation events came to a grinding halt with the #lockdown. I wanted to share her senior picture with you–and also the very clever snap of the digital bill board her high school put up to showcase the graduates of her class to the community. I thought that was a brilliant way to give them the accolades and recognition they so deserve. Shauna has decided to pursue a career in nursing, a noble profession I am so proud of her to study. Congratulations, Shauna–hope to see you soon my little fashion-niecesta, miss you so much!  #XOXO, Aunt Ronnie and Uncle Bruce

does this tiara make my butt look big


Sorry (sniff), I had to interject a bit of humor as I wiped the tears from my eyes 🙂 .  As the new graduates are finding, I’ve also been thinking this is the perfect time to set priorities that will make your life easier, better, safer, and allocate your time to the activities that add quality to your life. #Permission Granted, time to start creating…It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

#AmEditing and #AmWriting the #book blurbs!

Final proofing is being done as you #read by the fabulous Mark Schultz–you can check out his word refining services here (highly recommended):

How to be witty, engaging, throwing out the hook to readers….I’m on the hunt for the perfect few words to work their marketing charm–stay tuned, reveals to come!

go away reading

#AmReading #AmReviewing

The dead keep on comin’ this week from the writers of Twitter…

Author Ken Stark, Stage 3 Bravo, 5 STARS

In this third installment of Author Stark’s Stage 3 drama of the undead, we are once again with Mace, Mack, Sarah, Clancy and fellow survivors as they venture out of the doomed streets of San Francisco and try to track down his ex love, Becks. The undead have multiplied and are now in the Alpha and Echo categories–deadly and on the hunt for living human flesh.

Survivors are found at the campus of Skyline. The bedraggled group’s confines are soon to be overwhelmed by the waves of undead. Will they be able to escape? Feelings from life ‘before’ and the reality of the ‘now’ affect everyone.  Will they be able to put behind their feelings of doubt to save themselves from the unrelenting onslaught of the undead, or will the feelings of doubt and mistrust doom their chances for survival?

Author Stark gives takes readers on a suspense filled journey in this apocalyptic saga. This one’s a page turner with some brilliant insights as to what caused the deadly swarm, highly recommended!

Next up in the #reading queue:

5 fountains butchart gardens victoria bc

While we’re waiting to go back to the wild…

I thought I’d show some pics from our visit to the Butchart Gardens once again from our February trip to Victoria, B.C. I keep thinking of this beautiful park–I’m sure the gardens are in full bloom now and gorgeous. I definitely want to head back to this space again–maybe a long road trip in the crisp cool autumn weather? Enjoy…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Welcome to my writer’s world. Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. One little gem I’ve received from being in #lockdown is enjoying meeting new pen pal buddies! I really look forward to getting my snail mail notes and enjoying the tidbits of life shared from across the country. Added bonus–they even are reading (and reviewing) my books! Gemma and Rikkhe gratefully approve 🙂

xmas crowns red and green