Veronica’s #WritersDiary, #ShoutOut to the Class of 2020, #Permission Granted!

This post is dedicated to the graduating class of 2020!

Dear Seniors,

You are graduating in unprecedented times as I’m sure all of you know by now. Senior year is supposed to be a time of hopes and dreams–tearing away the tethers of a childhood academic world and venturing out into the ‘real adult world’ with a job or higher education and all the trappings that these right of passage experiences hold. None of us could have imagined a global pandemic shutting down life as we had known it–but it’s happened and here we are. I just want you to know that we will get through this event just as other generations before us have many, many times. The hopes of the world are with you.

We will be transformed, new ways of life will emerge, and for you, the new graduates, will come unending new possibilities for careers and livelihoods. Career fields in technology, industrial complexes, healthcare, service providers, entertainment, communications, education, law, government, the arts–you name it, every line of business will need innovative, creative lines of thought as to how they operate in this #pandemic world (post and still to come), and this will be your challenge, and your legacy. Know that you are not alone–you will be supported as we emerge into this brave new world. Chin up—head held high–you got this! Congratulations, graduates of the Class of 2020, God speed. Permission Granted To Change The World! 

The picture above is of our lovely niece, Shauna, daughter of my sissy, Gayle and BIL, Keith, who is graduating from high school in the Class of 2020. Her senior year/graduation events came to a grinding halt with the #lockdown. I wanted to share her senior picture with you–and also the very clever snap of the digital bill board her high school put up to showcase the graduates of her class to the community. I thought that was a brilliant way to give them the accolades and recognition they so deserve. Shauna has decided to pursue a career in nursing, a noble profession I am so proud of her to study. Congratulations, Shauna–hope to see you soon my little fashion-niecesta, miss you so much!  #XOXO, Aunt Ronnie and Uncle Bruce

does this tiara make my butt look big


Sorry (sniff), I had to interject a bit of humor as I wiped the tears from my eyes 🙂 .  As the new graduates are finding, I’ve also been thinking this is the perfect time to set priorities that will make your life easier, better, safer, and allocate your time to the activities that add quality to your life. #Permission Granted, time to start creating…It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

#AmEditing and #AmWriting the #book blurbs!

Final proofing is being done as you #read by the fabulous Mark Schultz–you can check out his word refining services here (highly recommended):

How to be witty, engaging, throwing out the hook to readers….I’m on the hunt for the perfect few words to work their marketing charm–stay tuned, reveals to come!

go away reading

#AmReading #AmReviewing

The dead keep on comin’ this week from the writers of Twitter…

Author Ken Stark, Stage 3 Bravo, 5 STARS

In this third installment of Author Stark’s Stage 3 drama of the undead, we are once again with Mace, Mack, Sarah, Clancy and fellow survivors as they venture out of the doomed streets of San Francisco and try to track down his ex love, Becks. The undead have multiplied and are now in the Alpha and Echo categories–deadly and on the hunt for living human flesh.

Survivors are found at the campus of Skyline. The bedraggled group’s confines are soon to be overwhelmed by the waves of undead. Will they be able to escape? Feelings from life ‘before’ and the reality of the ‘now’ affect everyone.  Will they be able to put behind their feelings of doubt to save themselves from the unrelenting onslaught of the undead, or will the feelings of doubt and mistrust doom their chances for survival?

Author Stark gives takes readers on a suspense filled journey in this apocalyptic saga. This one’s a page turner with some brilliant insights as to what caused the deadly swarm, highly recommended!

Next up in the #reading queue:

5 fountains butchart gardens victoria bc

While we’re waiting to go back to the wild…

I thought I’d show some pics from our visit to the Butchart Gardens once again from our February trip to Victoria, B.C. I keep thinking of this beautiful park–I’m sure the gardens are in full bloom now and gorgeous. I definitely want to head back to this space again–maybe a long road trip in the crisp cool autumn weather? Enjoy…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Welcome to my writer’s world. Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. One little gem I’ve received from being in #lockdown is enjoying meeting new pen pal buddies! I really look forward to getting my snail mail notes and enjoying the tidbits of life shared from across the country. Added bonus–they even are reading (and reviewing) my books! Gemma and Rikkhe gratefully approve 🙂

xmas crowns red and green



Author: My American Almost Royal Cousin Series by Veronica Cline Barton

Hi, I'm Veronica, writer of books in the My American Almost Royal Cousin Series now on Amazon! I'm a lover of all things royal, in castles, wearing marvelous boots! My series gives readers of cozy British mysteries an American twist! Explore the world of a period drama TV series being made on a glamorous British estate. My heroine Gemma has her work cut out for her, dealing with mysteries, murder, intrigue and a little romance. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Veronica’s #WritersDiary, #ShoutOut to the Class of 2020, #Permission Granted!”

  1. A heartfelt and thoughtful post that all the seniors should read! My eldest graduates from college next Monday and graduation day will be nothing like we had all imagined. But we will still celebrate, still be proud of her, and still choose to be joyful. Congratulations and best wishes to your lovely niece and her family!

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